1. Masks



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  2. Nutella Cookies!

    Nutella Cookies!


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  3. Come On, Let’s Go!

    Come On, Let’s Go!


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  4. My Source of Strength; the only thing that keeps me going.

    My Source of Strength; the only thing that keeps me going.


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  5. Wedding #3 - Nails

    I really love those shots where the photographer captures the moment of the husband placing the wedding ring on the wife’s finger and you see her perfectly manicured finger nails.  Something like this:

    I’m a sucker for french manicures.  I think they are simple and classy.  I prefer it when it’s short, not those long ones which makes me wonder if it’s collecting dirt.  Point to note and to tell my cousin, french manicure for her wedding will be so glamourous.

    And then, I went in search for possible nail designs for myself and the things I found out there has blown my mind.  All the amazing nail designs, some simple yet beautiful and some so creative, it makes you wonder how come such people aren’t given Nobel prizes yet.  Haha.  Okay I exaggerate.

    Photo credits: Nail Nerd + Pin Reach + Glamour + Create Eat Happy + Tattoo Designs

    I could go on and on forever, adding more pictures here, but I have to force myself to stop.  And if you search “Wedding nails” on Tumblr, you’ll find so many more amazing designs.  So many more to swoon over.  Who would have thought that something as small as finger nails would have such a great pull on me.


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  7. Wedding #2 - Colourful Bridesmaids

    I think the more I do research, the more I realise how much I really love weddings, every single aspect of it.  One thing that I really love is how every single detail is important and how good photographers are really able to capture all these precious moments and tiny details.

    I sure there are more important reasons for bridesmaid, but for the purpose of this post, I love how bridesmaid add colour to the whole celebration - both visually and in terms of personalities.

    Photo credit: Style Me Pretty

    I think it would be nice to have more than just one bridesmaid and have them all dressed in different colours, and maybe even different dresses.  Though, I guess colour scheme will have to depend on the theme of the wedding.  I love how in the second photo, it shows how their dresses are similar, yet different.  Even their accessories are different; probably reflecting their personalities.

    AND I really love how the photographer was daring enough to take the last shot.  I love every aspect of that shot, the girls, their smiles, their poses and how the drivers in the cars are probably a little confused as to what is happening, yet at the same time, smiling in case they get into the photo.

    Hoorah to all things colourful and pretty.


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  8. Photo credits: Mosa Muse
Seriously, how can you not fall in love with this matte navy blue.

    Photo credits: Mosa Muse

    Seriously, how can you not fall in love with this matte navy blue.


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  9. Wedding #1 - Bubbles

    Because my cousin is getting married next month and I’ve been researching on bridesmaid dresses; because exams are coming up and what better way to procrastinate than to surf the net; because there are so many pretty things out there; because I’m inspired as a photographer; because I can probably use them when I want to plan my own next time, haha.  So bear with me as I start to bombard my tumblr, depending on how long I can keep this up, with wedding related stuff.

    The day has come, that I start to take others’ pictures and post them on my tumblr.  Don’t worry, credit will go where credit is due.  On top of that,  you’re hearing my opinions on matters.  How exciting.

    Photo credit: Style Me Pretty (Australia) + Wedding Karren Gator Bride

    I think I would like that; having bubbles at my wedding.  I don’t know why it was never something that crossed my mind, especially since I’ve been fascinated with bubbles since forever, and especially since I’m 21 and still playing with bubbles.  Somehow the idea of having bubbles just makes everything so carefree, so fun and so unrestricted.  On top of that, it’ll probably be accompanied by squeals from the kids there, which really makes it like a party for all.  I really love it (bubbles) and love the idea of having it at my wedding.  It really beats, to me, releasing doves, since I’m frightened of birds, or being thrown rice at.

    And in another note, I really love the two photos on the right.  Beautifully captured moments - I hope to be that good of a photographer as well.


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  10. To You the nations bow down

    To You the nations bow down


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